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Aqua Ball

Aqua Ball
2.5 diam
8.2" diam

Capacity: 1 person

Recommended Age: 6 to 60 years

Activities: N/A

Requirements: minimum area for the pool 4m diam / 13" diam

Price for each ball: $250 (6 hr / 1 Day) (Delivery Included)*

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As a prophet would have done it almost 2000 years ago, you will be also able to experience this extraordinary experience of walking on water! The kids will definitely love this activity and maybe also adults will try it too. You can use these balls in your pool or if you do not have one perhaps you can rent it from us. It is certain that this game will make your party THE event and will make it even more special.

Whatever the occasion (shopping mall, festivals, school activities or marketing promotions of all kinds), be assured that this activity will be a great idea for attracting people! Finally, note that these balls are made for people ranging in age from 6 to 60 years.

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Aqua BallAqua Ball
Aqua BallAqua Ball
Aqua BallAqua Ball

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