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Clients Reviews

Blog Sphere Amusement At Inflatable Montreal we like to share the opinions of our customers, is because of that we devote an entire section with comments we received in blogs, emails or directly from our customer's events. All opinions are important to help us give you better service next time.
An Excellent Option For Fun Games! ,
I cannot thank you enough for the excellent service I received from your company! I work for a church and find myself often putting together large events for lots of children. I can honestly say that there is nothing that excites a child more than seeing a giant inflatable maze or bounce house. With your company, my choices were not limited to just bounce houses though. I loved the large variety of slides, castles, and interactive games that you made available. I was hesitant because this is a relatively new location, but the prices were great and I decided to try it out. I can guarantee I will be coming back to choose a different style of your inflatable's every time I have to plan a get-together to give the kids something new to brighten their faces with smiles. As for that excellent service I mentioned, the Little Monkey bouncer, Phil the Shark and The Black Pearl I ordered was delivered on time and it was clean and new. I have ordered from some places before and had to waste half of my rental time blowing up the slide and disappointing the kids as they waited. Not the case with this company! Sphere Amusement was really great and I would definitely recommend them to anybody looking to plan a children's entertainment event. I know I will be back!
Best Inflatables In Montreal! Leticia
If you want to find the best inflatables rental company in Montreal, you have to visit Sphere Amusement! They are a new company located in South Shore and I recently paid them a visit to see the catalog of inflatables they had in stock. I was shopping for more than a blow up game. My prior experience with another inflatables rental company left a lot to be desired, as my bounce slide got there late and was dirty on top of that. Definitely not the experience I wanted to give my kids! Therefore, this time, I tried Sphere and I will be going back to this company every time I need to rent an inflatable! They had a huge variety of inflatables including game-styled ones I had never seen before. I usually pick bounce houses or bounce slides but maybe next time I will be brave and try one of the interactive games I saw! For this event though, I went with a standard bounce house "Harry Potter" and was very pleased with Sphere Amusement. The employees delivered my inflatable bouncer on time and even helped me set it up. I was offered extra hours for free and even though I did not need them, I appreciated that! The bounce house looked new and was well cared for. I will be telling all of the other moms about this company and going back myself to maybe try out those interactive games for myself!
I'll Be Coming Back Every Time! Melissa
Hey all! My name is Melissa and I work for a daycare. In my line of work, I help put together a lot of kid's parties and get-togethers, and I want to tell everyone how great Sphere Amusement was. I had a friend recommend this company to me after she had success with them and she had some great things to say about the people, the service, and the quality of the inflatables. When I needed to rent an inflatable slide for a cookout for the parents of my daycare children, I decided to try Sphere Amusement. I was not disappointed! The great people at Sphere got my slide to me on time and even gave me extra hours for free just because. The kids were delighted to play on the slide. Now, I have rented from other places before and gotten shabby equipment that looked like it was on its last leg and was leaking air in places. The slide I got from Sphere looked new and was clean, which is something you do not appreciate until you have unhappy parents breathing down your neck because their kids got filthy on the blow up slide! The kids were happy, the parents were happy, and I was happy too! Not to mention I have never seen such nice games offered by an amusement company before! I will recommend Sphere to all of my friends and keep coming back whenever I need inflatables. Thank you Sphere!
Thank you, thank you, thank you from the Inflatable Montreal team and Sphere Amusement