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.... FAQ 2: Bouncy Houses!

Below you can find important information for bouncy houses and bouncer rental. We suggest you to read this information and if you have more questions we invite you to join us via email or by phone.
How long does it take to install and remove the inflatable games?
Approximately 25 minutes for each inflatable game.
What to do if the inflatable is deflated?
If the structure is deflated, the first thing to do is exit the game without precipitation. Then check if the cable is connected to a power outlet (confirm that there is power in the outlet), and if the aspiration section from the blower is not blocked by (example, a plastic bag).
What if the inflatable game is broken?
Deflate and contact us, without trying to repair it yourself.
Is it possible to postpone in case of rain?
Since we do not know if it will rain it is possible to postpone your event, we will keep the deposit to reschedule your bouncy games within the next 90 days (We do not refund the deposit). We cannot guarantee the same choice of games. In addition, you should always notify us at least 36 hours in advance if you postpone the activity. If you notify us in less than 36 hours, you will be billed a cancellation fee for $50. Feel free to contact us to check all options. The games cannot be operated when it rains for security reasons.
Do you have liability insurance?
No. As stipulated in the rent contract we can not in any way be held liable for any failure, injury or any other unfortunate event following the use of the games. The person who lease is 100% responsible for the equipment and safety.
How to install safely the games in the exterior?
All games are anchored to the ground or attached (fencing, sand bags, etc...). It is important to note that these anchors are designed to keep the game on the ground in a gust of wind. If these bursts are repeated or the wind is constant (more than 30km / h), you will need to immediately deflate the game to ensure the safety of the participants. The games installed inside do not need to be anchored.