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Human Hamster Ball

Hamster Human Ball
2.5 diam
8.2" diam

Suggested capacity: 1 persone

Recommended Age: 12 to 65 yers

Activities: Roll

Requirements: 1 power outlet, 1 supervisor or hire one

Price: $250 (6 hr / 1 Day) (Delivery Included)*

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The human ball is suitable for ages 12 to 65, gives you the opportunity to roll on the ground, protected in a large transparent ball. If you've always dreamed of one day knowing what your hamster felt dizzy in their plastic ball, now is the time to discover the truth with the human ball. This ball has a size of 2.5 meters in diameter and believe me, this is truly one of the most comical inflatable games. Climb in and get started in riding downhill at full speed or get someone else to push you or even better race against another human ball! Perhaps it is better not to play with the human ball after a heavy meal.

If you want to complete this game with another inflatable accessory, we recommend the Sumo suit.

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Hamster Human BallHamster Human Ball

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