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Inflatable Climbing Wall

Inflatable Climbing Wall
5mL x 4.5mW x 7mH
16.4"L x 14.8"W x 26.3"H

Suggested capacity: 2 adults

Recommended Age: 16 to 65 years

Activities: Climbing

Requirements: 2 power outlet (2 circuits), minimum entrance width 1.2m/4", 2 operators, help from 1 person for installing the games or hire an operator

Price: $350 (Delivery Included)*

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This is an inflatable game made for those who are not afraid of heights and want to feel the thrill! The climbing Wall is an inflatable climbing wall high enough (7 meters high), you will test your abilities as a climber and you will able to compete against an opponent that dares to challenge you. You will have the opportunity to become the future Will Gadd and show the full extent of your talent and your courage. Perhaps that has also led the champion by practicing in climbing in inflatable games when young. However, I would strongly advise you to participate in this bouncy being completely sober. It goes without saying that this increases your chances of winning considerably. Donít compete after eating all the stuff from the party like sausage, poutine and the other non-healthy food. Remember that law of gravity, do not you forget it when climbing. If you eat too much before playing you take the risk of being heavier and risk to have a heavier fall ... And then, what example will be that for your so , eh! You have to show him the good example after all. :-) If you like this inflatable game, the recommended age for participation is 10 to 60.

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Inflatable Climbing WallInflatable Climbing Wall

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