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Inflatable Gladiator

Inflatable Gladiator
6m diam / 20" diam

Suggested capacity: 2 adults

Recommended Age: 16 to 65 years

Activities: Combat

Requirements: 1 power outlet, minimum entrance width 1.2m/4", 1 supervisor, help from 1 person for installing the games or hire an operator

Price: $325 (Delivery Included)*

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The inflatable gladiator is a game designed to test your sense of balance. Indeed, whoever is able to keep his balance on a soft soil with an area of just 2 meters in diameter for more than 30 seconds, while being assaulted by a fierce opponent will become the “gladiator of the year”!! No doubt, if you succeed you would be a real hero and deserves all the honors that were due to the winner of a tournament of gladiators in ancient times, laurel wreath included! Besides, the gladiators were not supposed to stand on an inflatable structure when fighting. However, in our times there is also the BBQ and I'm sure your husband will appreciate this reward, especially if they are entitled to a cold beer! He deserved his reward.

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Inflatable GladiatorInflatable Gladiator

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