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Bouncy Houses Service

Before you decide to rent one of our games, it is very important to make sure you fulfil all the minimum requirements to rent the games. You can obtain the requirements directly from the description of each game and at this page.

Delivery Service

For the delivery of bouncing houses the price is NOT included. We deliver to Montreal, South Shore (Longueuil, Brossard, St. Lambert, St. Hubert, Greenfield Park, Saint Constant, Kahnawake, Châteauguay, Beloeil, Saint Jean Sur Richelieu, Saint Bruno, Chambly, La Prairie, Saint Julie) , North Shore (Laval, Terrebonne, Repentigny) and Vaudreuil Dorion. ** Prices are aproximative and may change without previous notice.

Installation and setup Fee

For all games, when having the game delivered the installation is included. Client assistance is REQUIRED.

The usual duration of the rent

The usual duration of the bouncy houses rental is 6 hours.

Arrival Time

We arrive 30 to 60 minutes prior to the event to install the bouncing games (installation takes only 15 minutes if everything has been checked in advance by the customer). If necessary, we can arrive earlier to the event, ONLY if we have the possibility, however the time will be charge to the customer.

The 3 Steps to follow by Customers

The following 3 steps are VERY important important to install the bouncing games and provide a good service. If these steps are not followed by the customer, our company is not responsible for any delays or problems that may occur. The customer will be billed at full price for the games.

A. Choose your bouncy house and check the dimensions of the game and make sure it fit your available space. Check the length, height and width. It is always necessary to have a meter (or 10'') extra space on one side of the game in order to connect the blower..

B.We must have easy access to deliver the services to the installation. The bouncers are heavy (between 150 and 350kg). In other words:

. We must have access by truck or trailer to the nearest entrance were we will delivered the bouncer. In necessary we will need a place to stock the game away from rain and dogs.

. We cannot move the big bouncy games for more than 50 meters (or 160 feet). Beyond this distance, a supplement will be charged.

. We do not carry games for more than 10 steps, customer help is required. Beyond this height, additional fees will be due.

. ! Important! Gateways, doors and corridors for small bouncy houses shall have a minimum width of 1.2 meters or 4 ", while for the bouncy houses, the width of doorways, doors and corridors should be 1.6 meter or 5 , 2. If the width is smaller additional fees will be charged or the games won’t be installed. The corridors must also be free of obstructions.

C. The plugs should not be more than 30 meters or 100 feet of the game and for each pump, we will have a single circuit. For more details on the pumps, refer to the description of each game.

Hallway entranceHallway entrance
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