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Sumo suit

Sumo suit

Suggested capacity: 1 adulte

Recommended Age: 14 to 65 years

Activities:2 sumo suit

Requirements: area of 4m diam/13"

Price: $250 (6 hr / 1 Day) (Delivery Included)*

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The sumo suit is a game for adolescents and adults aged 14 to 65. Everyone has had the opportunity to see the famous this famous sumo suits at least one time, but have you ever tried to fight with them on? Or, once in the floor have you tried to get up with the sumo suit? It is clear; you'll will need an "assistant"! No doubt you will laugh like never before with these costumes! You will have the opportunity to take memorable pictures of your finer moments ... or the most embarrassing. In addition, the game of sumo is ideal for indoor or outdoor, whether in summer or winter.

If you want to complete this game with another game, we recommend the Hamster Human Ball.

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