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Laser Tag

Laser Tag
330 yards

Capacity: 8 persons

Recommended Age: 8 to 60 years

Activities:Laser Tag game

Requirements: 1 power outlet, space to play

Price: $350 (3 hours including referee)

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This game is designed for people whose age is between 8 and 60. Now you can play laser tag anywhere, anytime, without restriction. 300 meters range and you can play against 7 other players (8 in total) at the same time, and up to 4 teams.

We offer 6 different gaming modes to play with your friends (team squad, wild west, the last survivor, shoot and shoot, assignment and finally capture the flag).

This game is ideal if you have no space for a bouncy game, or if you want do something different and new for your party. We take care of everything for you: we select the teams, establish rules, organize tournaments and provide scores (individual or team) for almost 3 hours. We also provide all the statistics of the game (how many times you died, your accuracy, the number of times you've hit your opponent ...). Play and let the best man win!

Young and old will love this game, especially since it is absolutely safe. In addition, the Laser tag is a game that you can combine perfectly with the bouncy volcano island to defend it from intruders, or you can also combine with the black pearl afin de repousser les assaillants du bateau! En bref: vous avez un large choixto repel the attackers of the boat! You have a wide choice of games and adventures..

With the Laser tag, you can play wherever you want, depending on your imagination in your home, your garden, woods, indoors ... you decide. There is no limit.

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