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Xbox Kinect

Xbox Kinect
4 x 3 m
14" x 10"

Capacity: 12 players

Recommended Age: 8 to 60 years

Activities:Xbox Kinect

Requirements: 1 power outlet, space to play

Price: $250 (3 hours, referee included)

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You feel too old to play on bouncy games? Try the Xbox KINECT with your friends! You will not believe it's so fun. This is an excellent choice for any event. We take care of everything and provide you: the giant panel on which the game is projected so you fill totally immersed in the game. We'll also provide some very nice games and even a referee who will establish the rules and keep track of the scores! With KINECT, you will experience a revolution of the games and go into the future: Now, there are no more controllers! Now the controller is your body! You will do some exercise while playing at the party. You will see that video games have never been so fun. KINECT reacts exactly as the movements of your body: if you need to throw the ball, throw it! If you must jump, jump! You already know how to use the controller. All you have to do now is get up from your sofa. With KINECT, you will be able to play sports, dance, race cars and more!

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